10 Reasons You’ll Love a Heritage .22 Rough Rider Pistol

1. Cowboy Style – The tradionally styled Rough Rider is styled in the mold of the firearms of the old west right down to the flat-sided hammer. Put this gun in a leather holster on your belt and you’ll feel like you’re straight off the frontier.

2. Flip Down Safety (Frame Mounted Hammer Block) – A simple yet effective Safety/Hammer-Block is one of my favorite features this gun sports. A red dot shows you when you’re ready to drop the hammer, and I always prefer a safety to a transfer bar.

3. Longer Barrel – From 3.5 inch to 4.75 inch to 6.5 inch to 9 inch; this gun gives you some options and more accuracy the longer you get the barrel. I went for the 6.5 inch and have been very pleased with it.

4. Magnum Cylinder (.22 Magnum) – A lot of these guns you’ll find in the store come with both cylinders for the same price, but some do not. I lucked out and got mine with both cylinders, new, for less than MSRP by a good bit. Having the extra cylinder is almost like having a whole different gun, and like Dave said in his account of fighting a mammoth squirrel, sometimes a .22 Magnum makes all the difference!

5. Cheap Ammunition– You can’t go wrong when stockpiling the .22LR and you can’t get cheaper either! Whether you like stocking up for the zombie apocalypse or shooting every weekend at the range, you’re probably not going to come out any cheaper than using .22lr.

6. Simple to Operate/Not Intimidating/No Recoil -A lot of people get intimitdated when learning to shoot and handle firearms. Who knows whether it is fear of noise, recoil, confusion, or mechanical complexity, but this gun is about as un-intimidating as the they come. Note though, if you pop in that magnum cylinder things can get a little louder!

7. New Features – (Birds head grip or 9 shot cylinder) These new features, plus a range of barrel lengths, finishes, and cylinder combinations make this model extremely customizable.

8. Price – There aren’t many pistols you can find that are as cheap as this one and as versatile. With the MSRP ranging from $199 to $350 depending on what you do to customize your purchase, you can’t really beat this gun on price!

9. Rough Rider Tradition – Manufactured in the style and image of the same pistols Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders wielded riding over the hills in the Spanish-American War, this Heritage version is like owning a gun from the history books except safer!

10. Versatility – This is one of the most versatile guns I own, and one of the first ones I reach for when patrolling the grounds of my farm for varmints and predators. Whether you’re blasting coons and possums trying to get at your chickens, finishing off a wounded deer, butchering small livestock, squirrel hunting, or packing in a magnum load to shoot something bigger or meaner, this gun always feels at home on your hip.

For more on the Heritage .22 Rough Rider pistol, a list of customizations and prices, go to the Heritage Website here: Heritage Mfg.

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