Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review

The Azodin Kaos (see lowest price) is an entry level paintball marker that has all the basic features a beginner would need. It is a solid semi-automatic paintball gun that looks great and it is one of the best guns for under $100. The Kaos is regarded as the marker every beginner should start out on if they have no prior experiences. It is often compared to the Tippmann 98 and lower end Spyder paintball guns. Let’s check out some of the features as well as the pros and cons in this Azodin Kaos Review.

Azodin Kaos Pros

  • Good Aesthetic Looks
  • Performs Better Than Most Guns in This Price Range
  • Very Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Very Light
  • Efficient and Reliable
  • Very Responsive Trigger

Azodin Kaos Cons

  • Squeaky Sounding Trigger
  • Not the Best Feed Neck

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review

Azodin Kaos Design and Ergonomics

The 2011 Azodin Kaos has been redesigned since the old 2008 version and has new features. It has an all aluminum frame with direct screw mount to make it durable. The Kaos has really good ergonomics throughout the gun. It was very light to hold and felt natural to hold.One thing that was not so great about the design was the feed neck. The Kaos has a twist and lock feed neck and it’s not the best type of feed neck you want to use. However, you can upgrade it to a clamping feed neck to fix this problem.

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Azodin Kaos Performance

Even though it’s only a mechanical marker, it’s still very powerful out of the box. In our field test, the Kaos averaged around 305 FPS, which is insane for an entry level marker. Some of the Spyder paintball guns can barely get above 230 FPS. There are a few rumors that the people have gotten chopped balls and barrel breaks with the Kaos but all our balls went through just fine in our test.

The Kaos is pretty accurate up to around 60 feet. At anything farther than that, you will notice a slight curve to your shots but anything closer will shoot fine. We found out this problem could easily be fixed by switching to a longer barrel. Our accuracy improved and the curve was completely gone.  The quick action trigger stands out as one of the best for a mechanical marker. You can easily get up to 7 balls per second with only one finger.

One thing that some players might find annoying is that the Kaos can get pretty loud. However, if you are only using it to play speedball, then it shouldn’t even be a problem.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

The Azodin Kaos was extremely easy to take apart and clean. To take apart the marker, all you have to do is to unscrew the velocity adjuster and pull the spring out. Next, take out the two bolts on the top and bottom of the marker body and add more grease to it to make sure it is well lubricated. Overall, it is very easy to perform maintenance on the Kaos and it takes less than 2 minutes. If you are stuck, the manual will guide you through it.

Possible Upgrades for the Kaos

The Kaos is fairly easy to upgrade and there are some choices out there.  The most important things to upgrade are the barrel, feed neck, and the ASA regulator. Many players who have used the Kaos before recommend getting a new barrel to fix the problem with accuracy at longer distances. You should also switch the feed neck with a clamping feed neck to make it significantly easier to attach your hopper.

These upgrades certainly were not necessary to enjoy the Kaos. It was already great by itself but the upgrades will make it a lot better and can compete against higher end guns.

Azodin Kaos Specifications

  • Mechanical Marker.68 Caliber800 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Can Use CO2 or HPA12 inch Barrel
  • Weighs 2 lbs 1 oz

What Other Buyers Are Saying

The Azodin Kaos currently has 19 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. It has on average 4.0 out of 5 stars. Click the link below to read more player reviews on the Azodin Kaos.

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Is the Azodin Kaos For You?

The Azodin Kaos is a fantastic beginner paintball gun and is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. If you are looking to buy your first paintball marker, you should give the Kaos some consideration. It’s a solid marker that can really perform right out of the box. It’s also very easy to maintain and clean. I hope this review help you make up your mind about the Azodin Kaos!

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