Best Paintball Guns in 2017

There are numerous paintball gun brands, types and models out in the market right now. Names like Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Empire and Azodin might ring a bell if you own your own paintball gun or have been playing for a long time. Trying to choose the best paintball marker that fits your needs can be a hard decision even for seasoned players. Many players do not have the luxury of buying multiple guns if they don’t like the first one they buy. To help you narrow your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best paintball guns in 2017 listed in order of price. This list is also separated between speedball and woodsball.

Best Paintball Guns for Speedball

Dye Proto Rail

Dye Proto Rail

The Dye Proto Rail is an entry level speedball marker. This paintball gun is perfect for players who are relatively new to paintball but still want a paintball gun packed with features.

Lightweight Design

What sets this gun apart is its ergonomic and light design. The body, barrel and trigger are all made of high quality aluminum. This makes the Proto Rail highly durable while reducing its weight. It also has one of the most comfortable grips for any paintball marker in this price range as well as a fully adjustable non-slip trigger with many types of firing modes.

Incredibly Easy to Maintain

Like other paintball guns from Dye, the Proto Rail makes use of their ingenious color coded O-Ring design that makes assembly, maintenance and cleaning dramatically easier. If you have ever had to replace an O-Ring before, you know how tedious it can be to find the right size. The O-Rings from Dye can make this task a breeze.

Amazing Paintball Gun at a Great Price

Overall, the Dye Proto Rail is a great paintball gun that has been a favorite for many players and is still very popular today. Its quality and long list of features makes this paintball gun worth a lot more than its asking price. For around $250, the Proto Rail is a steal for anyone who wants to own their first paintball gun.


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Planet Eclipse Etha

Planet Eclipse Etha

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a very popular intermediate speedball marker. When it was released in 2012, everyone wanted to own one. Planet Eclipse makes some of the highest quality paintball markers in the market today. All their markers are made with top grade materials.

Industry Leading Quality

The Etha passes through numerous factory test which includes thousands of shooting tests to makes sure it performs well. Planet Eclipse has an excellent quality control department and also uses high tech software to assign each gun a unique serial number which tracks it during all its tests. This means Planet Eclipse will know exactly what is wrong with your marker and can diagnose the problem efficiently.

Reasons Why the Etha Dominates

Weighing at 2.1 pounds, it is one of the lightest speedball guns in the market. Your hands will not fatigue easily while handling this gun unlike some of the heavier paintball markers out here. The Etha uses an ON/OFF ASA that makes it very easy to connect your marker to your tank. The body and barrel is composed of high quality aluminum. This gun is is very durable and will last for a long time.

Perfect for Intermediate Players

The Etha is a very good intermediate paintball marker. It has most of the same features as its older brother, the Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5, but it is a lot more affordable.


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Empire Mini GS

Empire Mini GS

The Empire Mini GS is a next generation paintball gun that was released recently in late 2014 and retails for around $380. The Mini GS was designed based on the original Invert Mini, which has been wildly successful for the last 6 years. Realizing there was room for improvement, Empire took the Mini and redesigned it to make it even better. The new Empire Mini GS has many advantages over the original Mini and incorporates some of Empire latest technologies.

Venting ON/OFF ASA

One of the major new features is the the ON/OFF ASA that the old Mini did not have. This new ON/OFF ASA makes it easier to to remove and thread your tank without having to force it off. This is also the same Venting ON/OFF ASA used in the higher end Empire paintball guns like the Empire Vanquish.

Improved Ergonomics

The Mini GS weighs in at only 1.2 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest markers on the market today. The new rubber grips and skin are a big improvement from the old Invert Mini and makes the Mini GS feel more secure in your hands. The grips are also weather proof and will protect your marker from a lot of damage.

Unparalleled Performance

The Mini GS now uses the new Microswitch trigger which is many times better than the old Halls Effect trigger. The overall improvements has made the Mini GS shoot smoother and quieter as well. In addition to all the new features, the Mini GS still uses the reliable Redline OLED board, which gives players a lot more options to program how they want to shoot their gun.

Best Marker For this Price Range

The bottom line is that adding new features to an already battle proven marker makes the Empire Mini GS the best paintball gun at this price range.


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Empire Axe

Empire Axe

The Empire Axe is one of the most popular paintball markers ever released. It was designed to be an affordable tournament and professional level paintball gun but has been flying off the shelves and has been used by even the top teams like Infamous Paintball.

Stellar Performance

The Empire Axe is well known for how well it shoots. It is very smooth and it is also very quiet. It has a fantastic trigger which makes walking very easy.

Superior Build Quality

The Empire Axe is made with top grade aluminium. Like Planet Eclipse, Empire also invests a lot into their quality control. This is why there are rarely any complaints of the Empire Axe breaking down or having any major problems. The Axe’s reliability is a major reason why many professional players use it.

Worth Every Penny

The Axe is one of a handful of markers we can truly say that it is worth every penny of its price. Almost everything about it is perfect. Even though the Axe was made for players with a lot of experience, it is perfect for intermediate players or even beginners to use. Retailing at around $460, the Axe is definitely affordable enough for any avid paintball player to own but still offer the features and quality that professional players have access to.


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