Briefly on Politics

You may notice the flag with eagle flying to the right. Hard to miss, I know.  You may also notice the “Protect the 2nd Amendment” and “Support our Troops” logos farther down the page border.  These things are, I assure you, as in depth as I will take this site into politics.  It has always annoyed me when gun magazines used their platform to push parts of their ideology that didn’t relate directly to firearms, and I refuse to do it here.

To be sure, keeping the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in tact is a critical part of a gun lover’s political thought process. If it goes, so do our firearms. Several more of our liberties would follow shortly after, I’m sure. Disarming a free, law-abiding citizenry is something never done for the right reasons. Frankly the thought of it scares the hell out of me, and not because I would miss target practice.

The yellow ribbon to support our troops? Well, who doesn’t agree with that, honestly? Even if you don’t agree with the battle currently being fought, wherever it may be, the yellow ribbon simply shows our nation’s soldiers that you think of them, and hope they return safely.

As far as patriotism and the flag goes… I am about as American as an individual can get. My family tree grows in American soil since the late 1600’s, and that’s not counting the several branches of Native American that are untraceable. More than one of my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. More than one also fought in the Civil War, but we won’t go there. My 5th (I should look it up, but I think that’s correct) Great Grandfather was the first “Sheriff” stationed in Alabama. His territory was a gigantic swath of wilderness covering all of Alabama from somewhere near Montgomery all the way to Tennessee. This was prior to Alabama becoming a state, as it did in 1819. The sturdy log cabin that he built for himself and family as Sheriff still stands today in Shelby County as a historic landmark.

I am very proud of my heritage as an American. I may come from genetic stock of hard-headed, freedom-loving Scots-Irish, quirky Welsh mariners, and even a royal guard to the English monarchy thrown in, but what I really am in my core is American. All of those people from those backgrounds came together and helped build this nation. I for one am glad that they did.

And here lies the end of what will hopefully be my only political commentary of any sort on this blog. Hope you enjoyed it. As Forest Gump would say, “…that’s all I have to say about that.”

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