Comfortable IWB Holsters? Nate Squared Tactical Says Yes!

Nate Squared Tactical (N8squared), a small company out of North Carolina, has a new patented design inside the waistband (IWB) holster on the market, in three versions. The Original, Tuckable, and Professional series holsters represent a good deal in American made products, at $39, $49, and $69 respectively. All Pro series holsters are now available in both right and left hand configurations.

The N8squared Professional model, with Springfield 1911.
The N8squared Professional model, with Springfield 1911.

What makes these holsters special? They’re comfy. How many of us have had cold steel pressed up against our sides in the dead of winter, or sweat and heat from an IWB holster drive us nuts in the height of summer? These holsters solve all of those issues with the padded, breathable suede backing plate that keeps the skin comfortable by keeping the gun away from it.

Look for a full review of the Nate Squared Original model on AFG soon.

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