Core30 Update

The extreme demand put on firearms manufacturers – especially of tactical rifles – has made it difficult for me to meet up with my friend at Core15 Rifles to shoot and review the new Core30 rifle in .308win (7.62x51mm). And I wasn’t able to attend the SHOT show. However, we are actively attempting to find a time to meet up at a range and give the Core30 a good run through, which will result in photos and videos posted here of range day. In the meantime, here is a little more info than I had previously:

The Core30 Rifles (no longer referred to as CoreXXX) are being offered in four basic configurations as off-the-shelf. These range from $1,799 to $2,799 for setups ranging from basic with Magpul MOE furniture to their TAC models with exclusive high performance barrels. As always with Core15, you can have it your way and custom order your rifle however you want it, for additional fees of course. Ordering will be made available to the public before the end of February, 2013, so get in line now and figure out which one you want.

Here’s the original video that I mentioned in my first CoreXXX article. This is the first raw cut of the first receiver of the Core30 line, serial number 001:

I have no doubt that this new line of .30 caliber AR-platform rifles will rock hard compared to their competition. There is simply nothing else quite like them on the market.

How about a video from SHOT show with a brief rundown sales-style of the Core30 line? Here you go:

Read About Preview: Core 15 Rifle System’s “CoreXXX”

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