Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

The Dye Proto Rail came out in 2011 to a crowded field of beginner-intermediate level paintball markers. The first thing that really stands out in this gun it’s great aesthetics. It has some really aggressive lines and curves that gives it a stylish look. It’s a look you won’t really find on guns in this price range. What sets this gun apart from its competitors is the amount of features it has. Not only that, the Proto Rail also surprised the paintball community with its durability and quality. Made by Dye Paintball, the Proto Rail is another example of the excellence and detail they put into their guns.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

Dye Proto Rail Strengths

  • Very stylish looking gun
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable price range
  • Very high quality air regulator (Hyper 3)

Dye Proto Rail Weaknesses

  • Is not very efficient when it comes to air usage
  • Stock barrel is not the most accurate coming from Dye
  • Poor feedneck design

Dye Proto Rail Features

  • Hyper 3 Inline Regulator for Faster Reactions
  • Unique Color Coded O-Rings for Easy Maintenance
  • Ultralite Frame for the Best in Ergonomic Comfort
  • High Quality Aluminum Design
  • Unique Dye Eye Pipe protects dirt and debris
  • Adjustable Feed Neck
  • Multiple Firing Modes for Great Versatility

The Proto Rail is packed full of premium features. It has a very high quality ASA that beats most of its competitors’. It uses same grip frame found on the higher end Dye paintball markers such as the Dye DM14. It comes with the standard multiple firing modes so you can even use this in a tournament as it has PSP standards.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

The Proto Rail is compatible with most of the hoppers and feeders in the market today. The Hyper 3 Inline Regulator more expensive Dye paintball markers use is also present in the Proto Rail.

Aluminum Body

The body itself is made of aluminium composite frame. It’s very durable and designed to take a beating. Paintball is a dirty and rough sport and this gun can handle it well. The hourglass Ultralite™ Ergonomic Frame makes it extremely comfortable and gives you complete control over the gun at all times.

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Dye Proto Rail Specifications

  • Electro-Pneumatic Marker.68 Caliber155 psi Operating Pressure
  • Uses HPAUses an Autococker12 inch Barrel
  • Weights around 2 lbs
  • Fires Up to 15 Balls Per Second
  • Field Test and Performance

In our field testing, we tested the Proto Rail with a Ninja 4,500 psi tank. We went through about 800 rounds before the air ran out. The Proto Rail is a gas hog and this might be the only drawback to this otherwise amazing gun. You will notice there is a small amount of kick despite it being such a small and light gun. Besides that, the Proto Rail performed very well overall on all fronts. Shooting felt very natural and intuitive. You will have no problems holding this gun in your hand for long duration of time and running with it is a breeze. We also never experienced a single chopped ball.

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What’s in the Box?

The box itself is wrapped in a sleeve that shows all the features of the marker. Once you pull the sleeve off, you’ll notice the box is bright yellow so you’ll have no trouble finding it. The marker itself is in a cut out padded foam and underneath that is a full color manual, warranty card, lube, Allen-wrenches, barrel bag, 11 inch barrel and finally, your color coded O-Rings. Overall, the boxing isn’t too fancy but it has everything you’ll need.


The Proto Rail is very easy to maintain and clean. It comes with color coded O-Rings, which is just such a smart way of organizing O-Rings that you will never be confused with which one you need.

A Very Affordable But Powerful Gun

Overall, the Proto Rail is a very good entry level paintball gun. The forward thinking design and impeccable quality makes this gun hard to pass up. Priced at around $250, it’s hard to pass up on it. This is one of the nicest looking guns in this price range as well as one of the best performing ones. If you are looking for a good beginner paintball gun, make sure you give the Proto Rail a try.

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