Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

The new Empire Mini GS is the followup to the wildly successful Empire Mini. There are many updates to the new Mini GS that incorporates new Empire technology. The new Mini GS now includes an ON/OFF ASA, new rubber skin and a whole host of improvements. The original Mini has been a wild success as a intermediate speedball marker and Empire has taken it to the next level with the Mini GS. Let’s take a more detailed look at what some of the upgrades and new features in this Empire Mini GS review.

Empire Mini GS

Empire Mini GS Pros

  • Very light
  • Smooth shooting
  • Shoots very fast
  • Very accurate
  • Air Efficient
  • Great value

Empire Mini GS Cons

  • Trigger tends to wobble at times
  • Might be too small for people with larger hands
  • Updates and New Features on the Mini GS

Below we listed 4 of the most significant upgrades to the Mini GS. Each one brings something new to this marker and we discuss why it’s relevant.

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Venting ON/OFF ASA.

The new ON/OFF ASA is an awesome addition to the new Mini GS. This is a great improvement over the original Mini because it is so easy to remove your tank from. With this new ON/OFF ASA, you can easily purge the tank of air. The new ASA is actually the same one used in the Empire Vanquish, a very high end paintball gun which retails at around $1,500. The new ON/OFF ASA is really one of the best out there and makes it very easy to attach and remove your tank.

Break-Bream Anti-Chop Eyes

The latest generation of electronic paintball guns all have break beam eyes now. The break beam eyes consist of a transmitter and a receiver that passes a beam between them. Whenever a paintball is loaded, the beam breaks and this is relayed to the Mini GS’s circuit board. With this new system, it is rare that you will get any chopped balls.

Clamping Feedneck

The Empire Mini GS has a new low profile clamping feedneck. This is the same feedneck that is used by the Empire Axe Carbon Fiber edition, which is an $800 marker. The feedneck is also externally adjustable to make it convenient to use on the fly. Compared to the original Mini where you had to screw on the hopper, the Mini GS’s clamping feedneck is a breeze to use. The feedneck’s low profile is very useful when you are hiding behind bunkers because it prevents your hopper from sticking out.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun Review

Micro-Switch Trigger

The Mini GS also has a new micro-switch trigger. This trigger makes a distinctive click every time a shot is fired. Most players love this kind of feedback because it allows them to really feel every shot. This is also the same micro-switch trigger that is used in the Empire Axe. Like most Empire guns, the Mini GS trigger comes with your standard tournament regulation settings including PSP and MILL.


Right out of the box, the Mini GS shoots at around ~275 FPS. After some warming up, we managed to get the Mini GS to about 293 FPS on our chronograph. It’s very easy to adjust the velocity by using an Allen wrench. This is a very solid FPS to be sitting at.Let’s see how well the Empire Mini GS performs in the field. With our standard Ninja 45/4500 HPA tank and Empire Premium Paintball, we shot around 11 pods, or about 11,000 paintballs total before the tank ran empty.The Mini GS has very normal kick at a little under an inch of kickback. You can easily shoot left or right handed and not really feel any difference. The Mini GS is also relatively quiet. It’s about the same as the Empire Axe and Empire Axe Pro.

Greatly Improved Ergonomics

The Empire Mini GS is a very light gun. Weighing at around 1.2 pounds, it is one of the lightest paintball guns in the market today. Some players actually complain that it might be too light, but it’s definitely not a major problem and you will get use to it.The new rubberized grips are a huge improvement to the Mini GS. It gives the Mini GS a nice sturdy feel to it. The rubberized grips also protects against the elements for even more durability.


Maintenance on the Empire Mini GS will take some time and is not recommended for beginners. Unlike the Empire Axe with its tool-less bolt removal, the Mini GS has a lot of small parts you have to take out independently. We won’t go into the steps here because there are too many technical steps but there are a lot of YouTube videos that shows you how to do a full break down.

It took us around 8 minutes to take the bolt out and lube it. We did not attempt to take apart the body because our Mini GS was brand new and had nothing to clean. Generally, you only need to take the bolt out to do most of the cleaning.

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  • Electro-pneumatic Marker
  • .68 Caliber
  • Uses HPA12 inch Barrel
  • Weighs 1.18 lbs
  • Up to 18 Balls Per Second

More Reviews

The Empire Mini GS is on sale on Amazon. At this time of this writing, there are 11 customer reviews with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some of the features that players are praising are the ON/OFF ASA, new trigger and overall price and quality. Click below if you would like to read more player reviews about the Empire Mini GS.

Final Verdict

The new Empire Mini GS has almost no flaws and is one of the best paintball markers we have reviewed. The only slight drawback of the Mini GS is the maintenance and it isn’t even a problem for more experienced players. If you are a player who has some experience with paintball already and you are looking for a paintball gun with the newest features, this is the gun for you. The Mini GS will easily beat any Spyder or Tippmann you play against. At around $380, this is definitely a steal. There really isn’t anything that comes close to the Empire Mini GS at this price point.

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