Gun Store Blues

Why is it that 80% of gun store workers have such bad customer service skills? I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been to a shop to research or buy my next gun only to be dismissed, ignored, talked-down-to, or thoroughly disgusted by the time I walked out the door. What, if any, other retail environment has such an exclusive group of counter jockeys? Why does having limited knowledge about guns make you such a target of scorn?

As someone who’s livelihood depends on people, well-versed or not, buying guns, you’d think they’d have more incentive to make you feel comfortable and at ease instead of making you feel inadequate and stupid. Not everyone spends every waking moment thinking about, using, buying, or selling firearms and ammo, but most shops only seem to cater to the guys that do, or the ones who drop large chunks of cash on the biggest most expensive and shiny boomstick they can find.

Refer to a magazine as a “clip” or use some other misnomer and click, there goes their attention and general level of respect. Don’t get me wrong, there are good clerks out there too; ones willing to talk with you respectfully and give you advice and take your budget and other concerns into consideration. I’ve found one or two in my day. But in today’s big box store world of cheap unknowledgeable sales associates they are few and far between.

My other current gripe is shopping around and going to all these different gun shops only to find the bulk of their inventory is a rack full of Remington 700s and Ruger Americans with only AR parts on the walls and all the handguns in the case look exactly the same, bearing some resemblance to a glock. I go to a physical shop to lay my hands on different guns and see how they feel and which one fits me better in hopes of refining the research I’ve only looked at online, and to hopefully find a good, comparable deal and walk out with my own new or new to me firearm.

“No I’m not interested in the Remington 700 or 770 or whatever… Yes, I really asked you if you have that gun in stock…” And my trials and tribulations go on, lol.

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