All For Gun TV Ep 1: The .45 ACP

The first of our video series which, I am by utter genius dubbing “Season 1,” has been posted to the allforgunTV channel on YouTube! We are posting these in 720 HD, because for some reason my computer complains about rendering in 1080p, which the videos were all shot in. Regardless, the 720 looks good, and we think you’ll enjoy the show. We sure had fun making it!

All For Gun TV Ep 1: The .45 ACP

Episode 1 of All For Gun TV is all about the .45 ACP pistol. We shoot, compare, and give our impressions of three vastly different models: Para Ordnance 14.45 LDA, Remington 1911 R1, and Glock 36. Because of the length of the episode, I’ve broken it into three parts (one for each pistol), which are less than 10 minutes each.

Have a look at the videos, give them a “like,” subscribe to the YouTube channel, and even leave us a comment if you’re so inclined. We have several more episodes to follow, which will focus on AR-15‘s, 9mm pistols, and some revolvers. Plus, we have another “season” planned that promises to be even more fun, with Big Bores, Big Booms, and things that go Splat!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

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Thanks for watching!

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