The “Experts”

Today I thought I would make a more bloggish style blog post than we usually do on AFG. Call it a “note from the editor” if you will, since normally we write articles as though this is a full-blown magazine, or at least we try to. However, as more people are reading and responding to our posts, following our Facebook page, and slowly beginning to interact (more of that, please), I feel like something needs to be said.

None of us are ex-military, ex-law enforcement officers, competitive shooters, certified firearms instructors, or in any way tactical experts. If you read the articles on the blog, including our personal bios, you will realize our backgrounds of growing up as outdoorsmen, hunters, and gun enthusiasts. We have certainly self-taught, and in some instances taken courses in tactical or defensive techniques, however. This may not make us the foremost “experts” on all things gun, but it has given us a level of knowledge and skill which – I can attest as having dealt with thousands of customers in firearms retail – is well above the average “Joe Noob.”

Many times while working those retail gun counters I ran across “Joe Expert,” in countless embodiments. Invariably Joe Expert would be shooting his mouth off to Joe Noob, who was shopping for his first gun, or perhaps a first of a new style (hunting rifle, combat pistol, etc), and filling his head with tons of misinformation which I then had to somehow correct in order to not lie to my Joe Noob customer and sell him something he didn’t actually need or want, but thought he did, based on the fallacious opinion of Joe Expert.

Even having been away from firearms retail for a few years, I still run across Joe Experts all over the place. I overhear conversations between Joe Expert and Joe Noob, or worse yet, two Joe Experts trying to impress each other with their depth of firearms knowledge. I always bite my lip and stay out of it, not wanting to offend, get in a fight, or be perceived as a “Joe Expert” myself if someone else is listening. However, the frequent occurrence of these situations became a primary driving force in my decision to start this blog. Too many people listen to the wrong people, and walk around with heads full of misinformation. Perhaps we can help them.

As part of our quest to help, we have begun a YouTube channel to parallel the blog site: allforgunTV. In the videos we will be posting, you might not see textbook tactical techniques, or even very impressive shooting at times. What you will see is likely more akin to what you will experience when you go to the range: some good shots, some bad shots, some excitement, some frustration, and a lot of fun. Indeed, our “expert” opinions that we give after testing guns, ammo, and accessories at the range and/or in the real world are based on our unique perspectives as non-tactical operatives, non-firearms instructors, non-law enforcement, non-hunting guides. Non-experts, in a sense. But, we try to be accurate in what we tell you. We don’t make up facts, and when we’re not certain of something, we look it up before passing it on to you. And as far as our non-expert opinions go, you might not always agree with us. But, with a combined 115 years or so of experience … we’re pretty damn well informed non-experts.

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