Thought of the Day – 1776

Obviously, being the 4th of July – Independence Day – I’ve been thinking about the American Revolutionary War. My mind has bounced around everything from what the reasons were for the war, to what a miserable situation it must have been for most involved, to what weapons they used, and how even the latest technology of the day, flintlock muskets, were challenging to use efficiently. Instead of rambling on about it all of these subjects, I decided to show you some cool videos I found on the topic of Revolutionary War weapons. Enjoy! And have a safe and happy 4th!

(With all of these, I recommend selecting the maximum available resolution, which they may not play at by default.)

This video shows of a fife and drum corp as well as a small group of re-enactment soldiers going through the paces.

Aside from his head being cut off for half the video, this is one of the best simple explanatory videos of flintlock operation I’ve seen out there. Want to know how it works? Watch the whole video.

This one is without dialog at all, but it has some nice closeups of what’s going on with loading and firing.


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