Ugly No More – Turnbull’s TAR-40

An older fellow I worked with always referred to the family of AR type tactical rifles as “black uglies.” There was truth to it. In the standard base form they are typically all black, and even if you think they look cool, you have to admit, they aren’t pretty. But now traditionalists can have their cake and eat it, too.

The beautiful Turnbull TAR-40.
The beautiful Turnbull TAR-40.

Turnbull Manufacturing is now producing a pretty AR based rifle for the discriminating collector. In fact, they make both an AR-15 (.223) based model, the TAR-15, and a .308 model based on the DPMS LR-308 (A basic AR-10 type platform), which they call the TAR-40 for some reason.

The TAR-40 is a beautiful piece of work, featuring color case hardened, carbon steel upper and lower, flattop (optics ready) carbine setup, gas tube operation, and premium American Walnut furniture. It’s gorgeous. And like any supermodel, expensive. The “basic” TAR-40 starts at $4,995. Start adding options like upgraded wood and higher-end scopes from Leupold or Zeiss, and you can have one all the up to $8,995 if you like. I personally know absolutely zero people who would consider or be able to buy one of these. But, it sure is pretty to look at.

The TAR-15 is more “reasonably” priced, starting at $2,750.

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