“You’ll shoot your eye out!” – A Boy’s First Gun

Every little boy dreams about the day they get their first BB-gun, pellet gun, and eventually the real thing. My first was a pellet gun air rifle, probably from china, but still sturdy enough to last multiple years throughout my childhood until I got my first real gun at age 13, a 20 Gauge Remington 870 Express which I still own and use to this day. I don’t recall what occasion my dad used as the excuse to get me that pellet gun and my little brother a classic lever action BB-gun, but it was a great day for sure.

Uncle Josh helps Finn hold up his new shootin' iron.
Uncle Josh helps Finn hold up his new shootin’ iron.

I raised lots of hell with that air rifle, and even brought some meat to the table a time or two when I used it to kill a squirrel. I wish I had some idea where it ended up like so many other of my childhood possessions.

This past holiday season I was able to experience the grandeur of receiving an air rifle once again but through my son as a gun surrogate. He is 5, and by no means mature enough to be trusted on his own with a weapon any fiercer than a foam stick, so when my brother suggested getting him a gun I was skeptical. We talked about it and agreed that if he got him one he’d have to give him lessons on shooting it and keep it put up etc. My wife almost killed me but we made it through it and my son became the proud owner of a Christmas morning pellet gun.

I tried to talk Uncle Josh into getting him a daisy BB gun but he went his own way and bought a top of the line Ruger pellet gun. Finn loved it and true to form pretty much couldn’t even hold it up without assistance. We get it out and work with him on it here and there but until he gets a little stronger he won’t be able to handle it alone. He already knows not to put his finger on the trigger til he is ready to fire, which is good, and he isn’t a bad shot.

The gun has mainly seen action in the feed shed by myself and uncle josh trying to gun down mice. So keep that in mind for my little review here. As for this nifty ruger pellet gun right out of the box: handle is small, stock is short, sights are decent but off at close range, the re-safetying automatically after cocking is great for a youth but annoying when I’m gunning for vermin, and basically this is hands down a youth rifle. I thought with the increased price tag and name Ruger on it that there might be a little something extra that made it stand out from the one I bought at a tool sale at the Masonic lodge for $20 but not really. But it will be a good gun for my son to learn with and I’m sure he’ll remember that Uncle Josh got him his first gun and the thrill that came from opening that Christmas present left standing in the corner.

Lucky he has a compass in the stock …

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